Marian Incubation Center was set up in 2015 to inculcate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among the student community. The establishment of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center known by the name IEDC in 2015, by Kerala Startup Mission gave an extra boost to the activities of the incubation facility. Marian incubation center (mi3) is an initiative of Marian College Kuttikkanam to provide a 360-degree network of incubation by providing incubates with necessary team building, infrastructure support, research assistance, technology/prototype development support, feasibility analysis, market research, and also rally around in getting funding, business consulting assistance and to do any other thing that is necessary to make a start-up successful.

To create global distinction by advancing education through entrepreneurship and to foster innovation, creativity, learning, and research excellence, particularly among youth.

The ideology of the firm is about strategic planning and the core purpose of information technology and its perks on the public sector targeting mainly within the academic sector. It is based on innovation effectiveness through knowledge enhancement and integration and the collective knowledge is invested in bringing out what’s best for the academia by refining the use of technology to its maximum.

The main focus of the mi3 is to:-

 Identify entrepreneurial talents among students in Marian College Kuttikkanam by giving effective support from ideation to successful business implementation.

 Promote social entrepreneurship in the region and thereby an entrepreneurial culture in Kerala.

 Assist entrepreneurs to build multi-disciplinary, technology-based enterprises.

 Address the technology-based entrepreneurship development requirements in the traditional sectors of Kerala.

 Train the entrepreneurs in technology and business management.

 Introduce entrepreneurial skills to the students of various departments in the college.  Build appropriate training programs suitable for Kerala’s socio-economic culture.

 Identifying niche markets and supporting innovators to solve real problems.

 Identify market niches for technology/non-technology products and services to be addressed by entrepreneurs.

 Undertake Research & Development activities and build a workable model for promoting Entrepreneurship in these high-range regions of Kerala

 Interfacing and networking among academic, R&D institutions, industries, and financial institutions.  Interfacing with corporates for supporting student entrepreneurs.

 Establishing a platform for speedy commercialization of the technologies developed within the college to reach the end-users.

 Assist in the creation of successful business ventures.

Jerome Varghese
IEDC Nodal Officer & IIC – Coordinator

Mr. Arun George Joseph
Asst. IEDC Nodal Officer

Mr Sreeraj T
Corrdinator – NISP and KAPILA

Any Student can join in Marian IEDC even if they don’t have any business ideas and Innovation. Keen/Interested Students will get sessions/workshops on entrepreneurship and innovations.

Workshops, Sessions, Field Trip etc

NAME:- Jerome Varghese

Mobile: 9895511026

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