The right to Education is one of the fundamental rights of every Indian citizen. Marian College Kuttikkanam (Autonomous) believes that money should not be a roadblock for a student with innovative ideas in his mind and passion in his heart. We are committed to ensuring that no student is left out of their educational opportunity at Marian because of financial constraints. Through a two-fold strategy, the college tries to ensure equity and justice in providing financial and other assistance to the student community. The two-fold strategy involves 

1. Assistance to avail government and other scholarships from external agencies 

2. Scholarships, financial assistance, and freeships on merit cum means basis instituted by the institution. 

This strategy is put into action through a transparent and participatory system of implementation involving Management, Teaching faculty, office staff, and students.

Marian College provides the following scholarships:

1. ‘We Care & Share 

This is a new initiative of Marian, introduced during the academic year 2014-15. Under this scheme every year deserving students in need of financial support are identified and given refundable interest-free loans which will directly be credited to their fees.

The funds required for this initiative are generated through contributions from alumni, parents, and benefactors. 

After Successful Completion of the course once they occupy good job positions they must return back the money to the college. 

An affidavit signed by both the student and parent will be kept in the college for reference. 

2. Marian Merit Scholarships

In the 2019-2020 Academic year, Marian introduced the “Merit Scholarship” with the help of the Parents Teachers Association. The purpose of this scholarship is to motivate Marian students to perform well in academics. This scholarship is provided semester-wise for each programme. The students who scored “S”, “A+”, and” A” in each semester will be awarded an amount of Rs.1500, Rs.750, and Rs.500 respectively. 

3. Scholarships (General) 

  1. Scholarships for Economically Backward students
  2. Scholarship for students from a specified category 
  3. Mar Mathew Vattakuzhy Endowment Scholarship. (Available only to students who belong to Kanjirappally Diocese). 

4. Merit cum means scholarships 

  1. Mar Mathew Arackal Endowment Scholarship. (Available to meritorious students)
  2. Fr George Ampazhathunkal Endowment Scholarship. (This is a merit cum means scholarship for outstanding students. This scholarship is awarded only to five students identified by the scholarship committee) 
  3. Merit cum means scholarship for outstanding students belonging to SC/ ST communities. (Available only to students in UG Departments.) 
  4. Principal’s Endowment (This is a merit cum means scholarship for outstanding girl students.)

5. Sports Scholarship 

This is a new initiative of Marian, introduced during the academic year 2021-2022 to promote the culture of Sports along with Academics. We support the meritorious students in Sports who bring laurels to the College by winning medals in various national and international level competitions. 

Sports scholarships instituted by Marian are:

  1. Mar Jose Pulickal Endowment Sports Scholarship: For Students who win medals in national or international level events by winning prizes such as Gold, Silver, or Bronze or (I Prize, II Prize, or III Prize).
  2. Sports scholarship for student trainers: Scholarship awarded to trainers of students with outstanding performance in sports.

The Committee also decided to distribute the scholarships once in an academic year by considering the highest achievements in the following pattern: 

  1. Students winning prizes in International Sports Events will be awarded Rs.10,000 for Gold Prize, Rs. 8,000 for the silver, and Rs. 6,000 for the Bronze. 
  2. Students winning prizes in National Events will be awarded Rs.5,000 for Gold Prize, Rs. 4,000 for the Silver, and Rs. 3,000 for the Bronze.
  3. Sports scholarships for student trainers will be awarded Rs.5,000 if the students win prizes in International or National sports events.

‘We Care & Share 

  • A Request letter recommended by the Head of the institution/Head of the department /Faculty Advisor has to be submitted to the scholarship committee. 
  • Scholarship Committee conducts an interview and forwards the eligible candidate list to the College Office for crediting the fees. 
  • Students can submit the application whenever a need arises. 

 Sports Scholarship 

  • Students who participate and win prizes in International Events and National Events shall apply for sports scholarships by submitting the application along with a copy of the certificate or proof of prize to the Head of, the Department of Health and Wellness.  
  • The Department will verify and publish the details of selected students which will be forwarded to the Scholarship Committee for onward transmission to the Principal for approval.

Marian Merit Scholarships

  • Applications are invited from students in a prescribed format.
  • Students can download the application form from the college website and can submit the filled applications along with necessary documents to Faculty Advisors.
  • Faculty Advisors will verify and forward the filled-in application form along with the proof documents to the Scholarship Committee.
  • The eligible lists of students are approved by the Head of the institution.
  • The Approved list is forwarded to Faculty advisors.

All other Marian Scholarships 

  • Applications are invited from students for all the scholarships in a prescribed format. 
  • Students can download the application form from the college website and can submit the filled applications along with necessary documents to Faculty Advisors. 
  • Faculty advisors, recommend and forward the shortlisted applications to the Scholarship committee. The Scholarship Committee will conduct an interview to identify and select eligible applicants. 
  • The eligible lists of students are approved by the Head of the institution. 
  • The Approved list is forwarded to Faculty advisors for disbursement.