CHILDLINE is a national, 24-hour, free emergency phone outreach service for children. Marian College Kuttikanam is the nodal organization for Childline services in the Idukki district. As the district’s nodal organization, we coordinate activities in the district, including district-level coordination, training, advocacy, awareness, and documentation.

A child-friendly nation that guarantees the rights and protection of all children.

CHILDLINE aims to reach out to every child in need and ensure their rights and protection. Our four Cs model – Connect, Catalyze, Collaborate, and Communicate – is the system that enables us to reach out to more and more children, every year.

Connect: Use technology to reach out to children.

Catalyze: Drive systems through active advocacy. Collaborate: Integrate efforts between children, the state, civil society, corporates, and the community to build a child-friendly society.

Communicate: Make child protection everybody’s priority through effective communication.


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• Training programmes

• Outreach

• Sensitization programmes

• Awareness program

• Day observances

• Special initiatives

• Advocacy initiatives.

Name: Elizabeth Maria Thomas

Mobile: 7510531447