Marian Quality Policy

Establishment: 8 May 2012
Last Amended: 13 May 2015
Date Last Reviewed: 9 July 2019
Responsible Officer: Principal in collaboration with HODs/ Director or Dean of School

Marian College is committed to tireless striving towards perfection in all aspects of higher

The purpose of Marian College Quality Policy is to announce to staff, students and other
stakeholders the current guiding principles of the College’s quality strategies and systems known
collectively as the “Marian Quality Model”- MQM.

This Policy contributes to the vision mission and motto of the college by declaring our commitment
to continuous improvement in our efforts and activities towards transforming students and
community for bringing social change and wellbeing i.e., facilitating and celebrating the ‘full
flowering of life in abundance’

Marian college is committed to implementing the “Marian Quality Model” (MQM) and it is
operationalized and found expression through the following nine key areas:
a. Marian Vision, Mission, Motto and Core values and its dissemination
b. Periodic review of Policies, Procedures and Standards for quality enhancement
c. Mechanisms for regular Feedback, Analysis, Review and Improvement (Kaizen)
d. Institutional Practices and Monitoring
e. Outcome focus and Result orientation
f. Performance Management
g. Communication, Participatory Approach and Transparency
h. Documentation and
i. Technology Integration
Person responsible for MQM implementation – Principal (Chairman, IQAC)

The effective implementation of the Marian Quality Model will be subject to ongoing monitoring
by the IQAC. The criteria for evaluating effectiveness will be the Key Performance Indicators
(KPI) and stakeholder satisfaction rates measured periodically

Policy Review to be done during the MAAP
● Principal (Chairman, IQAC)