Marian Women Cell has been instituted to provide an environment for the intellectual and social uplift of women students and to ensure their freedom, safety, and security in an atmosphere of equality and dignity. Women Cell empower and enlighten women students to grow into responsible individuals by providing a dignified, congenial environment and enabling them to explore their imminent potential in all aspects.

To establish positive self-esteem and confidence in the female students so that they can take the right decision in and for their lives.

Spreading awareness among the students about the social, legal, and constitutional rights of women in order to prevent the gender-based exploitation

• To enhance the development of women in every sphere.

• Organize events and activities for women’s empowerment.

• To create an environment of gender justice.

• To sensitize the students to various gender and social issues

• To emphasize the importance of spiritual, economic, social, racial, and gender equality.

• To create awareness of the rights given by the constitution.

Princy T Sebastian: 9744003692
Claris Annie John :9048856871
Misheal Tomy: 9947462392

Two girl students from each class, who are enthusiastic to attain the vision and mission of Marian Women Cell can voluntarily enroll in Marian Women Cell.

• Organizing seminars on topics such as gender awareness, stress management, cybercrime, women’s safety and security, health and hygiene, fire safety, etc.

• Gender Audit

• Legal Awareness classes

• Workshops on craft making, jewelry making, and cooking

• Conducting Medical camp on campus

• Self-defense training programs

• First aid and CPR training sessions

• Organizing national seminars on topics corresponding to gender and social issues.

• Social Outreach Programs

• Tailoring classes

• Celebration of National/International days (National Girl Child Day, International Women’s Day)

Princy T Sebastian: 9744003692

Claris Annie John :9048856871

Misheal Tomy: 9947462392