Students’ Council (MCSC)


The Marian College Students Council, popularly known by its acronym MCSC, is a
council of democratically elected student‟s representatives. The MCSC is the bridge that
connects the students and the college. The duty of an MCSC member is to address and
promote the interests of the students of the college. The MCSC 2022-‘23 is truly a unique and
energetic bunch of leaders who filled the Academic year 2022-‘23 an exuberant and vibrant
The council members:

  1. Ann Stanly – Chairman
  2. Sampras Sibi – Vice Chairperson
  3. Noah Boby Cherian- General Secretary
  4. Sona Jaison- Joint Secretary
  5. Adarsh Binoy- Arts Secretary
  6. Lokesh Devendran – Joint Arts Secretary
  7. Aleena Sara Moncy- Student Editor
  8. Catherine Mary Jose – University Councillor I
  9. Renimol Joseph – University Councillor II
  10. Ribin Abraham – Sports Secretary
  11. Abel Joseph – Sports Joint Secretary
  12. Maria S Karingada – UG Lady Representative
  13. Joffin Saju- III UG Representative
  14. Athul S Kesav – II UG Representative
  15. Thressiama Tessin George – I UG Representative
  16. Libin Shaji – II PG Representative
  17. Sreerag – I PG Representative
  18. Hannah – PG Lady Representative
  19. Albin Sabu- Technical Head
  20. Bibek Tom Sunny- Technical Coordinator
    Eighteen elected class representatives and two technical heads comprise the 20-
    member MCSC. All the programmes conducted by the MCSC were received very well by the
    students, faculty members, non- teaching staff members and the management.

  • To create an inclusive, vibrant and empowering campus community
  • To foster a dynamic, student-centered environment that support individual growth, learning and engagement
  • To provide a comprehensive program of students activities, service and resources that meet the diverse needs and interest of its students.
  • The College union seeks to create a safe and welcoming environment that encourages students to explore their passions, develop new skills and form meaningful relationships.
  • To promote student involvement the college union helps students make the most of their college experience and achieve their full potential.
  • Promoting student involvement and leadership through clubs, organizations and activities.
  • Providing social and recreational opportunities for students, such as dances, concerts, and games.
  • Fostering a sense of community and belonging among students.
  • Representing student interests and concerns to the college administration.
  • Offering resources and services to students, such as a campus bookstore, food services, and study spaces.
  • Supporting student-run businesses and entrepreneurship initiatives.
  • Encouraging student activism and community engagement.
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration between students, faculty, and staff.
  • Providing support and resources for student wellness, such as counselling services, health clinics, and fitness centres.
  • The specific goals of a college union may vary, but the above objectives are commonly seen in many institutions.

All the 18 council members were democratically elected by the class representatives.
Each member had to be first eligible according to the rules prescribed by the college. Then
he/she must be elected as the class representative from their respective classes. The elections
were held on 27 th August 2022. All the elected representatives were brought to the conference
hall and the council elections were conducted that afternoon. All the representatives who
were interested to stand for the various posts of the MCSC were given freedom and
opportunity to do so. The elections were conducted under the supervisory leadership of Vice
Principal Rev. Dr. Shaiju KS. Assistant Professors Eric Thomas and Jyothylakshmi B, with
the help of other faculty members smoothly coordinated the elections. Each candidate was
given opportunity to seek votes by speaking in front of all the candidates. The votes were

counted by faculty members in front of two class representatives as witnesses. The results
were announced after the completion of voting session. Like in the previous years, this year
also saw hassle-free, smooth, free and fair democratic elections for MCSC.

Ann Stanly


Sampras Sibi

Vice Chairperson

Noah Boby Cherian

General Secretary

Sona Jaison

Joint Secretary

Adarsh Binoy

Arts Secretary

Lokesh Devendran

Joint Arts Secretary

Aleena Sara Moncy

Student Editor

Catherine Mary Jose University Councillor I

Renimol Joseph

University Councillor II

Ribin Abraham

Sports Secretary

Abel Joseph

Sports Joint Secretary

Maria S Karingada

UG Lady Representative

Joffin Saju

III UG Representative

Athul S Kesav

II UG Representative

Thressiama Tessin George

I UG Representative

Libin Shaji

II PG Representative


I PG Representative

Hannah Grace Varghese

PG Lady Representative

Albin Sabu

Technical Head

Bibek Tom Sunny

Technical Coordinator