A Student Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC) is responsible for investigating student grievances and resolving them as needed. Students on campus can use both online and offline modes to communicate their concern with any academic or non-academic issue. The institution strives to resolve student grievances within a reasonable time frame.

If you have any grievances

Marian college has formed a grievance redressal committee with the objective of ensuring the dignity of the institution by cultivating a healthy atmosphere in the college and fostering cordial student-student and student-teacher relationships. It reminds students of the college to uphold the right and dignity of one another, and to exercise extreme caution and composure whenever a dispute arises. Students who want to remain anonymous could write their grievances and suggestions for improving the academics and administration of the college in a suggestion/complaint box located in the administrative block. Grievances from students will be addressed as soon as they are received by the GRC.

The cell will also respond to written or online student grievances on either of the following issues: Administrative issues, such as fees and the distribution of government grants and scholarships; Academic issues regarding examination, attendance etc. Other issues relating to discrimination based on Gender, Caste, SC/ST are also taken into serious consideration by the committee. Women’s issues like sanitary conditions and harassment issues too are addressed, which includes ragging and sexual harassment. Situations faced by students in the hostels with regard to ragging, food quality, sanitation are also addressed by GRC and appropriate decisions are taken after inquiry.

Various committees are constituted for the redressal of students. Grievances related to any of the issues may be communicated to the Marian grievance redressal committee at  grievance@mariancollege.org or students can submit their grievances directly to the concerned committee or they can write grievances online through the MCKA portal (Link is given in the Description tab). They can also contact the numbers given in the Contact Details tab directly. All grievances shall be treated with absolute confidentiality.

Dr Thomas KV9447525905  (Chairperson)
Ms Kochumol Abraham  9446286893 (Senior Faculty)
Mr Prasannan A9496329717 (Senior Faculty)
Mr Samson Thomas9447599717 (Senior Faculty)
Ms Simi John9744058000 (Senior Faculty)
Fr Binny Kayyaniyil9744046919 (Counsellor)
Representative from among studentsSpecial Invitee