Nation Cadet Corps (NCC)

Nation Cadet Corps (NCC) is the largest uniformed youth organization in India. The organization aims at developing character, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, the spirit among the youth of the country in order to build a strong foundation for them to become responsible citizens. Marian College Kuttikkanam NCC Unit is a sub-unit of 5(K) Girls Battalion NCC Changanacherry which comes under Kottayam NCC Group Headquarters. The college unit consists of 108 active senior wing girl cadets. From the day of NCC’s installation at the college, cadets have taken part in several national camps and training camps. Several social service activities and programs are organized on the behalf of the unit. The Three year NCC training helps the students to become sincere and responsible human beings having an enthusiastic mind to serve the country. NCC motivates and provides immense opportunity for the youth to take up a career in Indian Armed Forces.

Intellectual and skill development accelerated through character building and social commitment.

To develop a human resource founded on unity, integrity and discipline

1.To develop character, discipline, comradeship, secular outlook, ideals of selfless services and adventure spirits amongst large numbers of young citizens.

2.To create a pool of trained, organized and motivated youth with various leadership qualities in every walk of their life and serve the Nation irrespective of career they choose.

3.To provide a sound environment conducive towards motivating large numbers of young people of India to join armed forces.



Enrolment of new cadets takes place during the beginning months of every academic year. Interested cadets will be asked to attend the selection program.

  • 1. Participation in various prestigious camps both inside and outside the state.
  • 2. Social service activities like blood donation, awareness classes.
  • 3. Organising programs and activities of social importance.
  • 4. Taking part in adventurous activities and trainings.
  • 5. Outreach programs