The Dance Club at Marian makes sure that every club member has the opportunity to take part in at least one campus event. Based on the cultural and talent activities held at Marian, these Club were developed. Marian Dance club make sure that students have the opportunity to develop themselves as well as represent their college in university-level competitions, programmes, and events. The dance club plays a crucial role in all student community nominations to represent Marian in university and intercollegiate level events, giving students not only confidence and a stage to display their talents

  • To Provide training facilities to students to develop dancing skills.
  • To organize & participate institutional level cultural programs.

The purpose of this dance club is to raise student spirits and to showcase dancing and artistic skills. It offers dance enthusiasts the chance to showcase their talent and serves as an excellent platform for them to explore their artistic side.

1. To offer students training facilities to improve their dancing abilities.

2. To plan and take part in cultural events held at the institutional level.

3. To encourage students to compete in dance competitions at the university, state, and national levels

Keerthy Elza Tes Mathew

Department of English

Divya Lakshmi S

Department of Computer Applications

A google form was circulated among the students inviting all those who are interested in dancing.

  • 1. As part of the Christmas festivities, the club hosted the class-based video competition “Jingle Rock”.
  • 2. The members of Dance club staged a live performance for the staff and students of the institution in connection with Arts day celebrations. Different dance forms Eastern, Western, and Fusion were presented for the programme.
  • 3. The club conducted an inter department group dance competition Chuvadu 2022 . Students from various departments participated in the event. An open platform was given to students to expose their talent after the competition which was marked by huge support from students.
  • 4. Actively participated in the KIFF (Kuttikkanam International Filim Festival), which was hosted at Marian College Kuttikkanam.