BA English Literature, Communication & Journalism

Communicative English is a relatively young academic discipline but has become one of the most relevant and exciting subjects as the media and communicative sector becomes even more diverse and dynamic. The course with its emphasis on three areas- Literature, Communication and Journalism provides students the opportunity, flexibility and basic skill sets required for them to undertake any post graduate courses in Arts.

Why English?

Communicative English at Marian is designed keeping in mind, the students who study it and the working environment they will have to put up with when they pass out. From the first semester tot eh sixth semester, students will have papers from Literature and Journalism intertwined. The On the Job Training would come very handy for them to use the theories they have learned in the classroom to the outside world.
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The BACE programme envisages a student-centred learning and teaching approach, where the central focus is on learning. Instead of merely transferring knowledge, a teaching process that facilitates learning in an experiential way is emphasised. Self-directed and continuous learning skills are also stressed. It is expected that the students be empowered to use their autonomy as learners to gain and practise specific knowledge and skills.
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The faculty members in the department of Communicative English at Marian are dedicated academicians who will guide you through, to master the various facets of English literature and Journalism. They are experts in their respective fields with teaching experience over average 10 average. They are ready to go any extent in nurturing and facilitating for their wards to see them reach great heights.
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Students of the English Department, have grabbed various prizes at Inter-Collegiate and University levels. The training provided in the college helps them to compete in the current environment with utmost confidence.
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