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Additional Information

Additional Information


Academic Qualifications

  • PhD holders: 5
  • M.Phil.: 1
  • M.Tech: 4
  • MCA: 2

Teaching Experience

  • more than 20 years : 6
  • more than 15 years : 1
  • more than 5 years: 3
  • less than 5 year: 2

Industry Experience

  • more than 10 years: 1
  • less than 5 years: 2

Research publications (last 5 years): 50

Minor/Major research projects: 7

Seminar/ Conferences conducted: 10

International experience:

Dr Binu Thomas

  • Served Royal University of Bhutan from 2004 to 2009 under the COLOMBO plan of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Govt. of India.
  • Visited Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain as Chairman, Board of Examiners, BCA examinations, Mahatma Gandhi University.
  • Visits to Hong Kong Baptist University.
    • Resource Person for International Conference on Innovations in Teaching Learning – Challenges and Perspectives in South East Asia.
    • To Sign MoU with Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning Hong Kong Baptist University to Implement Augmented Reality Based Learning System
  • Visit to Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • To Sign MoU with Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research (CLEAR), Chinese University of Hong Kong to implement uReply student engagement system and also to jointly develop a Moodle plugin for uReply.
  • Visit to Lincoln University College Malaysia.
  • To Sign MoU with the university to establish joint research Centre at Marian College Kuttikkanam.
  • Visit to University of Catholic Semarang Indonesia.
  • Served as a speaker for the United Boards International Conference on Teaching Innovations held at University of Catholic Semarang Indonesia.
  • Harran University, Sanliurfa, Turkey
  • Served as Keynote speaker for the international Conference on Virtual Reality

Resource persons in various National Conferences and Workshops

  1. Dr Binu Thomas
    • Resource person in 8 International and 52 National Conferences and Workshops.
  2. Dr. Juby George
    • Resource person in 3 International and 8 National Conferences and Workshops.

Membership in Academic Bodies:

  • Academic Council of University: 1
  • Board of studies of Universities: 4
  • Expert Committee: 4
  • Boards of Question Paper Setters in Universities: 6
  • Boards of Examiners or paper valuation: 8
  • Inspection Committee to start new UG courses: 2

Dr Binu Thomas served as a resource person: –

  • Webinar on ’ Introduction to Moodle’ conducted by IQAC, MES College, Erumely on 18th July 2020.
  • Faculty Development Programme on “Managing Online classes: Teaching Learning Tools & e-Content Generation”(17-22 August,  2020) by IQAC Bharati College, University of Delhi.
  • Course Design Strategies Ensuring Online Student Engagement in ‘International Digital Conclave on Innovations in Teaching Learning, A Global perspective’ organized by Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kottayam on 15th July 2020.
  • Two- day Lecture series on ‘New Assessment & Accreditation policy of NAAC’ at Vasant Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Kamachha, Varanasi on 12th June 2020.

List of Publications – Dr Benymol Jose

1. Jose, B., & Abraham, S. (2019). Performance analysis of NoSQL and relational databases with MongoDB and MySQL, Elsevier Materials Today: Proceedings. (Elsevier Scopus Indexed Journal)

2. Jose, B., & Abraham, S. (2019). Keyword and keyphrase based ranking of documents with NoSQL databases in business context. ACM International Conference Proceeding Series. (ACM Scopus Indexed)

3. Jose, B., & Abraham, S. (n.d.). Unstructured Data Mining for Customer Relationship Management: A Survey8(1131), 1131–1136, DOI:16.10089.IJMTE.2018.V8I12.17.2127 (UGC Recognized Journal)

4. Jose, B., & Abraham, S. (2018). Analysis of Aggregate Functions in Relational Databases and NoSQL Databases. International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering06(06), 74–79. (UGC Recognized Journal)

5. Jose, B., Abraham, S., & S, P. K. V. (2018). Query Performance Analysis in NoSQL and Relational Databases?: MongoDB Vs MySQL. (4), 179–182, Recognized Journal)    

6. Jose, B., & Abraham, S. (2017). Exploring the Storage Issues Related with Supply Chain Data in Mining Knowledge: A NoSQL Database Perspective, Proceeding of the Two-Day State Level Conference on Deep Neural Networks in Bioinformatics,23,24 August, Fortis Conference Proceeding, ISSN:2320-6985

7. Jose, B., & Abraham, S. (2017). Exploring the merits of nosql: A study based on mongodb. 2017 International Conference on Networks and Advances in Computational Technologies, NetACT 2017, 266–271. (IEEE Scopus Indexed)

8. Submitted a proposal and accepted seed money for a student Start-up programme, ‘INTERFACE- From Labs to Industry’ of Business Innovation and Incubation Centre of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam in January 2018 for the proposal titled ‘Improving the Performance of Cloud Computing in Bigdata Analytics with MongoDB and Hadoop’.


1. Paper titled “Exploring the merits of nosql: A study based on MongoDB”. 2017 International Conference on Networks and Advances in Computational Technologies, NetACT 2017, 266–271.

No of Citations = 37

2. Paper titled “Performance analysis of NoSQL and relational databases with MongoDB and MySQL, Elsevier Materials Today: Proceedings.

No of Citations= 7

List of Publications – Dr Lumy Joseph

  1. Adaptive e-Learning System for Slow Learners Based on Felder-Silverman Learning Style Model. In: Luhach A., Jat D., Hawari K., Gao XZ., Lingras P. (eds) Advanced Informatics for Computing Research. ICAICR 2019. Communications in Computer and Information Science, Vol 1075. Print ISBN: 978-981-15-0107-4, Online ISBN: 978-981-15-0108-1, http://doi-org-443.webvpn.fjmu., Springer, Singapore,
  2. A Hybrid Approach to Classify the Learning Style of Learners in an E-learning Environment, International Journal of Management, Technology and Engineering (IJMTE Journal). Vol.08, Issue-12, pp. 1124-1130, December 2018, ISSN: 2249-7455, DOI:16. 10089.IJMTE. 2018.V8I12. 17.2126.
  3. Identifying the Learning Path of Online Learners in an Adaptive E-Learning Environment, International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Vol.06, Issue.06, pp .67-73, 2018, E-ISSN: 2347-2693,
  4. An adaptive learning frame work for slow learners in an e-learning environment, International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Vol.6, Issue.7, pp. 407-412, 2018, E-ISSN: 2347-2693,
  5. Significance of Web-Enabled Psychometric Testing Tools for Health Care Management, in the proceedings of the Two-Day State Level Conference on Deep Neural Networks in Bioinformatics, organized by MES College Marampally, pp.23-24, August 2017, ISSN 2320-6985.
  6. Instructional Design for Learning Path Identification in an E-Learning Environment Using Felder-Silverman Learning Styles Model, in 2017 International Conference on Networks & Advances in Computational Technologies (NetACT), Thiruvanthapuram, 2017, pp. 215-220, DOI: 10.1109/NETACT.2017.8076769, IEEE.
  7. Web- Based Psychometric Testing Tool for Identifying Patient’s Genetic Variations in Health-Care Management, in the 29th Kerala Science Congress, Mar Thoma College, Thiruvalla, January 2017, ISBN: 81-86366-93-98.
  8. Role of Algorithms in Computer Technology, in the proceedings of the book on E-learning Instructional Designs for Short Learning Objects, as part of Two-week faculty development program on ‘E-learning and E-content development’, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, January 2017, ISBN: 978-93-80419-29-9
  • Project sanctioned

Sanctioned a project titled “An Intelligent Web-Enabled System for Human Resources Analytics In A Business Environment” funded by Business Innovation and Incubation centre (BIIC), Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam under the scheme of assistance for start-up projects

List of Publications – Ms Amruth K John

Alumni Engagement

Alumni of the department play a valuable role in keeping our students close to the Industry through various activities like Alumni Interaction programs, Seminars, Webinars and Mock Interviews.

Alumni – Student Interaction.Mr. Mohideen NijamudeenManager – ProjectsCognizant Technology SolutionsSydney, AustraliaBCA 2001 – 2004
Session on the ‘Recruitment process in IT industry’Ms. Smitha K Nair,Sr. Manager, Talent AcquisitionWissen TechnologyBCA 1998-2001
Association Inauguration and Session on Big Data Mr. Binod Mathew, Global Program manager – Arrow Electronics, NYBCA 1995 – 1998
Association InaugurationDr. Ann Baby,Asst Prof, MCA Department, Rajagiri School of Social ScienceBCA 1997-1999
Session on IT Industry Requirements and Career possibilitiesMr. Vinod Nagappally,  Business Relationship Manager , TCSBCA 1998-2001
Association Inauguration and Webinar on Opportunities and Challenges in Current IT ScenarioMr. Anumod Alex Thomas,Principal Software Engineering Manager, Experiences and Devices Division, Microsoft India Research And Development, Hyderabad’BCA 1996-1999
Webinar on ‘Art of Innovations’Mr. Vibin Varghese, Product Expert , SAP Labs, Bangalore.BCA 1998-2001
Webinar on ‘Future of Data’.Mr. Thomas P Philip – Senior Manager, Global Data Reliability Engineering, Dell Technologies.BCA 1995-1998
Webinar on ‘Agility of Agile Teams in Industry’.Mrs. Jils Abhilash,Senior Scrum Master, MCG Health, SeattleBCA 1998-2001
Placement Oriented Alumni Interaction prior to Deloitte Interview.Mr. Alan Siby,Mr. Gijo Johnson,Ms. Jesil J,Mr. Justin ThomasMs.Vinny Mariam VinuBCA 2015-18 & BCA 2016-19 Batches.

Alumni supported in Mock Interview.

Mr. Jins PeterProduct Architect,Baker Huges MCA 2002-2005 
Mr. Thomas VargheseSDE Amazon, US MCA 2002-2005 
Ms. Soji J PanoorTechnical Head and Solution ArchitectEuropean Dynamics  BCA 1996-1999
Mr. Vinod NagappallyBusiness Relationship Manager, TCS BCA 1998-2001 
Mr. Harish KPIT Architecture ExpertSAP Labs India Pvt Ltd. BCA 1998-2001 
Ms. Jils JacobSenior Scrum MasterMCG Health, Seattle.  BCA 1998-2001 
Mr. Vibin VargheseProduct Expert,SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd.  BCA 1998-2001 
Mr. Rejus JosephProject Manager, UST BCA 1999-2002 
Mr. Bipin Domy ThomasCEO, Domy Designs BCA 2000-2003 
Ms. Pamila DomyAssociate Architect, Encora, Inc.BCA(2000-2003)  BCA 2000-2003 

Marian Association of Computer Students (MACS)

Marian Association of Computer Students (MACS) of BCA students started from the infant days of the department.

Executive Body of the association consist of

  • Staff Advisor
  • General Secretary (Student from final year BCA)
  • Treasurer (II year BCA)
  • Joint Secretary (I year BCA).

 Two student representatives for association are selected from each class (One boy and one girl) and office bearers are selected from the class level representatives.

Activities organized by Association:

  • Navigator – National Level Technical Fest organized from Year 2000 onwards. Currently part of the common fest of College.
  • Internal Navigator – Internal fest organized at the department level.
  • Conducts Seminars on various technical topics.
  • Organizes Webinars.
  • Engages Alumni Interactions.
  • Placement orientation.
  • Ensure participation of students in various technical fests organized by colleges across the country.
  • Automate the events of technical fest – Navigator.