Research Centre for Data Analytics


Dr. Mendus Jacob

Data analytics is an emerging area of research and this is the base of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is predicted that these technologies are going to critical in future higher education learning programs. Marian intent to invest in these areas and establish a resource centre for further research, documentation and knowledge sharing. RCDA intent to be a resource pool for teachers, researchers and students for carrying out studies in data analytics. One full time senior researcher will be appointed for coordinating and carrying out research activities of the centre.

Seminars and conferences will be organized independently or jointly with interested stakeholders. It was started for the benefit of UG, PG students, Research scholars and faculty members. The Centre motivates the research activity in the fields of cloud computing and data science. The data analytics centre is all equipped to create innovative solutions that influence the lives of people in positive ways. The centre build systems and algorithms to extract knowledge, find patterns, generate insights, predict and visualize diverse data for healthcare and agricultural applications through cloud based services.