Dr. TV Muralivallabhan

Director, Marian Institute of Management

The Centre for Sustainable and Inclusive Development (CSID) is a new initiative of Marian College Kuttikkanam Autonomous for promoting the idea of Sustainable development, through educational activities. The main aim of this centre is to disseminate awareness about environment and development among the public in general and the students particular. Idukki district in Kerala, where Marian College is situated is an ecologically sensitive area. It is also an economically and socially backward area. Environmental problems crop up at a high rate and people also suffer from landslides, flood, mining of rocks and the high pollution from plantations due to the use of insecticides and pesticides. As a higher education institution, it is our duty to comply with the aims and objectives put forward by the UGC and higher education department of this nation. The UGC gives much importance to environmental education. Moreover, the UN also has declared the importance of environmental protection while achieving economic development. That is why it has declared Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as its development objective. Almost all nations throughout the world have accepted this ‘Agenda for the 21st Century’. It is decided to achieve SDGs by 2030. In this context, CSID of Marian College has conducted the following programmes for spreading the awareness of sustainable development.

Green Lecture Series

Green lecture series in association with Department of Economics was inaugurated by Dr. Bindu B K, Associate Professor, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam, on Jan. 7th, 2019. This programme was arranged to generate the student awareness in the emerging environmental issues. She delivered a lecture on ‘Environmental Impact Assessment’.

Sustainability Ambassador Programme (SAP)

This is a programme intended to create environmental awareness and also to measure the level of awareness in the minds of the people. This programme was inaugurated on June 26th, 2019, by Rev. Dr. Job Kozhamthadam S J, Director, Indian institute of Science and Religion, Delhi.
After these programmes, the incidence of corona pandemic retarded the activities.