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PSOs and COs

PSO1: Demonstrate global competencies in listening, speaking, reading, writing and

thinking skills in English

PSO2: Analyze the literary merits of the works of major authors of every literary period.

PSO3: Apply communication skills relevant to professions like Journalism, Public

Relations and Visual Media.

PSO4: Apply Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Media to

enhance their verbal, written, and digital communication skills.

PSO5: Evaluate socio-cultural realities around them through the literature and theory they have learned.

CO 1: Identify the unique features of Dalit writing.

CO 2: Analyze the development of Dalit Literature and its social and political context.

CO 3: Analyse major themes occurring in Dalit Literature.

CO 4: Identify and analyze the Dalit life, experiences, and human rights issues with compassion and sensitivity.

CO 5: Identify the major literary and social figures belonging to the Dalit community and their contributions.