Marian Alumni Association Kuttikkanam is committed to support the social needs of our alumni and community at a large. As part of Social Welfare activities, the Association initiated a fund collection among the Alumni for supporting house construction and it has undertaken the construction of homes for the needy. The association also provides academic scholarships to students from lower economic backgrounds. For the purpose of meeting medical expenses of financially challenged alumni, a special fund is maintained under the head ‘Medical Emergency Fund’.  

Financial Support given in various heads.

Medical Expenditure – Rs. 346563/-

House Construction – Rs. 220000/-

Support to buy Household items – Rs. 4900/-

Mobile phones for students during Covid time – 6 mobile phones.

This wing focuses on the welfare, growth, and expansion of the association. To continue the rich heritage, the alumni association initiated an online talent show – ‘MAATS’ in the year 2020, to showcase the talents of the members and their family. The first Episode of MAATS was aired on August 15, 7 PM in Facebook and YouTube. The association also publishes an online magazine – Marian Diaries and monthly newsletter – MAAK Book. An annual alumni meet is organized in the month of August every year. This wing of the association facilitates the expansion of alumni chapters in India and abroad.

This wing renders comprehensive support in career and professional development of the students, alumni and the teaching staff of the college. The college has given due importance to alumni in terms of suggestions and feedback on curriculum and institutional strategies, which are incorporated after appropriate discussions. Meritorious alumni enrich the IQAC and Board of Studies of every programme. Many departments have alumni book banks. Alumni who work in the industry are updated of latest industry requirements and trends. The association extends assistance in building relationships with reputed organisations and facilitates linkages with them. Specific alumni placement orientation sessions and mock interviews are conducted in various departments.

Our alumni are keen to conduct regular visits to the campus, conduct online and offline sessions for students, organise lectures and conferences, institute awards and scholarships, provide for internships and placements, mentor students in career and technology guidance etc. Marian College Kuttikkanam (Autonomous) regards alumni mentorship as a key practice in the excellence of students. Eminent alumni from respective industries provide one-to-one and group mentoring to students. 

MBF (Marianites’ Business Forum) is a global platform for the alumni of Marian College Kuttikkanam, to meet, network and showcase their business and profession.  This is a specialized wing for the members of Marian Alumni Association, to unify business-persons and professionals across the globe, by representing their respective fields of work for fruitful collaborations. Startup support, guidance for beginning new businesses and networking between similar businesses are the main activities of this wing. 

This initiative of Marian Alumni Association Kuttikkanam was officially inaugurated by Rev. Dr. Roy Abraham P (the Principal of Marian College Kuttikkanam) on the 1st of September 2021.

The purpose of this wing is to build, maintain and update a database of the alumni with accurate information. To serve this purpose, representatives from every batch graduated from the college were identified and brought together in a WhatsApp group – ‘Torchbearers’. The association was able to reach out to the alumni and build this database through these batch representatives. Therefore we are empowered to communicate effectively to the alumni who have shared their contact details for the database.

Marian Alumni Association Kuttikkanam has protected the rights of access to this database and have assured the alumni from any unauthorised use of their information.

Public Relations team is in charge of all Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) of MAAK. Designing Posters and Flyers of MAAK Programs, Digital Marketing services and Media Reporting are done by the team.