About Us

Marian College Kuttikkanam Autonomous, affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam, Kerala was founded in 1995 and is managed by the Catholic Diocese of Kanjirapally. The institution is the realization of the vision of the Management to provide quality higher educational opportunities in the backward hill-district of Idukki which has tribal, migrant and minority population. 

The College is nestled in the green highlands of the Western Ghats, where biodiversity is garbed in the mantle of a cool, misty and salubrious ambience ideal for academic pursuits. With her focus on job-oriented study programs with an outcome based, technology integrated learning approach, Marian is committed to improving the educational standing of the district and preparing students to meet the challenges of the competitive job market and life situations. Banking on the divine direction of Christ Jesus and the benefaction of Mother Mary, the College champions her commitment to the ‘full-flowering of life in abundance’.

The educational vision of the Management has given a sense of direction to the development of the college over the years. Marian performed consistently in the NAAC accreditations securing high scores. The College was first accredited in 2003 with B++ (83%) and again reaccredited with ‘A’ grade (CGPA 3.45) in 2009. During the third cycle of accreditation, held in 2014, Marian scored a high ‘A’ grade (CGPA 3.52/4). The College was conferred with the prestigious CPE status by UGC in 2009 and it was extended in 2014 making Marian eligible for phase II financial assistance. In 2016, the institution was elevated to the status of an Autonomous College by the UGC. Marian has mentored three colleges to get successful accreditation under the PARAMARSH scheme, including a college from North East India.

Marian strives to realize its vision of becoming ‘a transformational leader in higher education, facilitating and celebrating the full flowering of life in abundance’. Marian’s growth is guided by the spirit of being a ‘learning organization’ which incorporates a praxis of Prayer, Reflection and Action in the various processes of the College.