• Dr. V.T. Samuel Scholarship Fund

    This scholarship fund is created in the honour of Prof. V.T. Samuel, who served the School of Social Work during 2003- 2006 as the Director and laid the foundation for developing the social work curriculum and training systems at Marian College comparable with international standards. The interest accrued will be utilized to support social work student trainees in the second year in paying their tuition fees, based on need cum merit basis. Interest free loans may also be given to deserving students. They have to return the amount after getting employment along with a small contribution to continue the chain of support. Students who wish to avail this scholarship/loan may apply to the Convener of the Scholarship Fund Committee.

  • Gemma and David Beckley Endowment Fund

    This Endowment Fund was created in the year 2012 to honour Prof. Gemma Beckley, Chair of the Social Work Program and Prof Davis Beckley, President, of RUST College, Mississippi, USA. The interest accrued will go to support/subsidize expenses of research projects of social work student trainees who demonstrate exceptional skills in Social Work Research. Students may contact the Faculty in-charge of Research activity for details.

  • Jaison Memorial Endowment Fund

    This Endowment Fund is instituted in memory of Mr. Jaison who was an alumnus of School of Social Work. He was a brilliant and hard working student, but passed away at a very young age. His friends and classmates wanted an ‘endowment’ fund in his name and recognize a first year social work trainee for his/her outstanding performance in ‘practice learning’. The fund was created out of the income from various consultancy services undertaken by the faculty of School of Social Work under the leadership of Dr. K R Anish former Coordinator of MSW Program. Students may contact the Faculty in-charge of Field Practicum for details.