Proud Moment for Marian

Dr C V Ananda Bose IAS, Governing Body Member, Marian College is now Governor, West Bengal

I have immense pride and pleasure to congratulate Dr. C V Ananda Bose, member of Governing Body, Marian College Kuttikkanam Autonomous who has been elevated to the coveted position of the Governor of West Bengal. Dr. Ananda Bose is a visionary bureaucrat and has been acclaimed as a “Man of ideas” by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as an “Inspired Civil Servant” by former Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and as “the Lord of Ideas” by the Government of Kerala. He held several key posts in the State and Central Governments including the Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister and Officer on Special Duty to the Prime Minister. He has been serving as the member of our Governing Body since April 2021. Marian College is extremely fortunate to have such a man of eminence on her highest body which governs all the administrative and academic activities of the College. His insightful guidance and innovative suggestions have been very fruitful for the College.

We, the Marian Community wish him all success in his future endeavors towards new heights of excellence. We also earnestly wish that his committed services to the nation would help to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of our people, especially the young generation of the nation. We are extremely grateful to Dr. C V Ananda Bose for the visionary guidance he had extended to our College and fervently expect that the great association would continue in the years to come also.

Fr. Boby Alex Mannamplackal
Chairman, Governing Body