Sparks of joy!

Marian College Kuttikkanam (Autonomous) is now a member of the United Nations Academic Impact!

What is The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI)?

The UNAI is a global initiative that aligns institutions of higher education with the United Nations, cultivating a shared culture of intellectual social responsibility through activities and research.With this step, Marian College Kuttikkanam (Autonomous) joins over 1200 institutions in more than 120 countries who are working with the United Nations to promote global priorities, including peace, human rights and sustainable development.

What does it mean?

As a UNAI member, we are required to carry out at least one activity in support of UNAI’s principles during a calendar year. We have to keep the UNAI informed about our activities, This will give Marian students and faculty members recognition in the international platform and will help to showcase their activities in a global forum.

It also aids networking and collaborating with other like-minded institutions and achieving bigger better results impacting the society at large.

UNAI ASPIRE Marian College Kuttikkanam


"Facilitating a platform to enrich the uninformed"


"To forge out a crew to unveil the full potential of the underprivileged community around us"

General Body
Chairman Rev. Fr. Roy Abraham P
(Principal Marian College Kuttikkanam)
UNAI Cordinator/Faculty MS Suzanna Oommen
Contact No : 9495617848
UNAI Joint Cordinator/Faculty Anna Ronny
Contact No : 7012274471
Coordinator/Student Adrash A
Contact No : 7907449331
Joint Coordinator/Student Vandana S Vinod
Contact No : 9074987320,
KFUNAI Student Council Member/Student Alwin Francis
Contact No : 7994667547
KFUNAI Joint Student Council Member/Student Allona Elsa Thomas
Contact No : 7902450605
Documentation Committee Head/Student Arjun
Contact No : 7012274471
Joint Documentation Head/Student Tiya Mary Andrews, Jennifer Johnson
Contact No : 8330063947, 7560984661
Programme Committee Head/Student Emilda Mary Manoj
Contact No : 9567555157
Joint Rogramme Head/Student Akhil TR , Angela Alice Jack
Contact No : 9847204547, 7306071217
Finance Committee Head/Student Neema Rose James
Contact No : 9447749711
Joint Finance Head/Student Abdul Manaf S, Ponnu Therese Tojo
Contact No : 9656808378, 8281808312
Logistics Committee Head/Student S B Ambarish
Contact No : 9539655992
Joint Logistics Head/Student Emil Joseph, Albin K Antony
Contact No : 7012711998, 8301841677