Dr K. V. Thomas
  • Dr K. V. Thomas
  • HoD

Dr K. V. Thomas

Educational qualifications

  • M.Com

  • Ph.D

Professional qualifications

  • MBA

Membership in professional bodies

  • Member of All India Commerce Congress

Membership in academic bodies

  • Member of Post Graduate Board of Studies in Commerce,Marian College Kuttikkanam

Experience in other academic institutions

  • 31 years of experience at St.Thomas College,Pala

Industry experience

  • Served as an employee of Federal Bank for 1 3/4 years

International/national seminars attended

  • International seminar-1

  • National Seminar- 5

Papers presented/sessions chaired

  • Paper Presented -3

  • Sessions Chaired-2

Articles, monographs published in referred journals

  • 4 Paper Published

Major/minor research (UGC) activities undertaken

  • Major Research of UGC

External financial support received

  • 6.25 lakhs

Research guide ship/Co-guide ship

  • Guide & Scholars

  • 1 Ph.D produced

Leadership roles taken in the college

  • Served as Secretary of staff Co-operative society for 7 years.

Leadership roles taken in the society

  • Served as Programme officer of NSS for 4 years

Administrative experience

  • 9 years