Sl. No. Category of Selection Name Academic Qualification
1 Chairman (Principal) Fr. Dr Roy Abraham P MBA, MS, PhD
2 Member Secretary Dr Ajimon George M.Com, M.Phil, MBA, Ph.D
3 Head, Research &PG Department of Commerce Dr Chackochan J Njavallil, M.Phil, Ph.D
4 Head, Department of Business Administration Dr Joshy John MBA, PhD
5 Head, Department of Computer Application Dr Rajimol A MCA, Ph.D
6 Director and Head, School of Social Work Dr Hubby Mathew MSW Ph.D
7 Director & Head, PG Department of Computer Applications Dr Mendus Jacob MSc, M.Phil, Ph.D
8 Head, Department of Communicative English Mr Joy Joseph MA (Eng)
9 Head, Department of Economics Dr Muralivallabhan MA (Eco) PhD
10 Head, Department of Mathematics Dr Sabu Augustine M.Sc., M.Phil, PhD
11 Head, Department of Hospitality Management Mr Joby Cyriac M.A
12 Head, Department of Communication and Media Studies Prof Vijayakumar MCJ
13 Member based on seniority Dr Marykutty Thomas MA, M.Phil, Ph.D
14 Member based on seniority Dr Soosy Joseph MA, M.Phil, Ph.D
15 Member based on seniority Mr Biju P Mani LLM
16 Member based on seniority Mr Boby K. Mani M.PEd
17 Experts from outside Mr Ajay George MBA
18 Experts from outside Dr Jose James Ph.D
19 Experts from outside Dr K. Alexander MA,M Phil,Ph.D
20 University Nominee Dr Deepu Jose Sebastian M.Com, MBA, Ph.D
21 University Nominee Dr C.M. Sreejith M.Sc, Ph.D
22 University Nominee Mrs. Jisha Jacob M.Sc
23 Special invitees Dr. Binu Thomas MCA, Ph.D
24 Experts from outside (Industry ) Mr. Ajay George MBA
25 Experts from outside (Administration) Dr. Jose James Ph. DMA (Sociology), MPE, PhD, D.Sc. Commonwealth Diploma in Youth and Development (London)
27 Experts from outside (Education) Dr. K Alexander MA, M Phil, Ph D
28 Experts from outside (Law) Mr Georgekutty Mathew BA LLB